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What I've Sold on ebay Recently

March 29th, 2010 at 04:40 pm

I wanted to figure out how much profit I've made over the past few weeks on ebay. Here's what I sold and how much profit I made on each item. Some items I actually made a dollar or two more on because I seem to make my shipping a little higher than necessary but I'm not including that in my totals. The text books I actually bought a month ago on ebay in hopes to make a few extra dollars reselling them. I bought about 6 of them and have sold 4 already.

Rock Band-17.60
Mario Party 8-20.07
Legend of Spyro-7.76
A book, cd, and 2 dvds that I made about 50 cents on each-2.00
Grand Theft Auto-6.11
Physics Textbook-3.86
Business Textbook-23.46
Management Textbook-11.34
Accounting Textbook-27.44
Rollercoaster Tycoon-3.65
Xbox 360 Hard Drive-11.86
Estee Lauder Cream Samples Lot of 2-6.93
Exorcism of Emily Rose UMD-1.18
Estee Lauder Cream Sample-1.05
Evanescence Anywhere But Home DVD-2.00

That comes out to 150.50. I know I said in my last post that I've made close to $300 but I remembered I had to refund an $130 item. Also, I sold an Xbox 360 but I highly doubt the buyer is going to actually pay for it so I'm not counting it yet. We'll see what happens with that one.

Currently I have two broken Xbox 360s listed, a broken cell phone, and a Playstation game up for auction. I have a couple of other things I'd like to sell but I need to borrow my sister's camera to take some pictures. Honestly, I just want to make a few extra bucks, get rid of some of the junk I'm not using, and get some more positive feedback. I've ordered a couple of items that I'll be testing to see if I can make a good profit on within the next couple of weeks. I'll keep this updated when I find out how well these items sell. Crossing my fingers!

4 Responses to “What I've Sold on ebay Recently”

  1. BlackDiamond Says:

    I make approx $400/mo selling my old stuff on Ebay. I aim for $100/week. Currently I have 11 auctions going and the total is at $53.95 with 5 days to go on this batch.

    Just keep listing stuff. What happened with the $130 item you had to refund?

    It's hard to turn a profit on Ebay. I'm not sure what items you ordered to sell but just be careful. The only items I have made a profit on are items classified as collectibles that have increased in value since I originally bought them.

  2. misstina87 Says:

    The seller sent me back the $130 item because one of the cords was broken. I'm trying to resell it (obviously for a lower price).

    I'm just testing different things to sell. First I tried buying broken Xbox 360s to fix and then resell and then I failed miserably at fixing them. Then I decided I'd just go to yard sales and thrift stores every week and try to find good items to resell. I decided against this because I might find a couple of items to resell but I know I couldn't depend on yard sales to provide a good amount of profit every week. Then I decided to make t-shirts. I took in consideration the cost to make them and then picked a competitive price. But then I had second thoughts because I would need to sell 20 a week to get $200 and I was unsure of the quality of my shirts compared to others on ebay so I decided against the t-shirt thing. I don't want to say what I'm planning on doing right now but if it fails, I'll be sure to post about it on here. If it works, I would need to sell 4 per week in order to make $200. My friends and family always told me I was too smart to work in retail for the rest of my life. So I'm putting my brain to good use right now. Smile

  3. BlackDiamond Says:

    Yeah, it's hard to find stuff at yard sales. But I did find a wine stopper at a flea market last year for $3 which is currently at $10.50 w/ 5 days to go (and the same 2 people seem to be fighting over it lol) so you never know.

    Good luck! Keep us posted!

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    We buy a lot of game systems/accessories/games on Craigslist (low) and sell (high) on ebay. A LOT of people with a pile of games to sell, but not wanting to go through the ebay hassle.

    My spouse doesn't spend a lot if time on it and nets around $100/month. OF course, the perk is all the free accessories and games. If he sold EVERYTHING, I Am sure we would come out much further ahead. For him, pays for the gaming hobby, and then some.

    If you put the work into it, I know a few people who have done quite well on ebay. It's just, you get out what you put in, generally.

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