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Taking Care of (Some) Business

May 1st, 2010 at 06:56 am

So yesterday I worked 12-4:30. Really easy shift. Roommate brought me to work and I had mentioned that I'd pay him but he never asked about it so I'm going to keep my mouth shut lol. I had every intention of talking to my manager about getting more hours but it was way too busy so I couldn't get off of my register.

However, I did talk to another manager last night. After work, I came home and ate dinner. Then I went out with my future roommate. We went to another grocery store where she used to work to see if they were hiring. Talked to the assistant store manager and she said to come back on Sunday to talk to the store manager. Then, we went to my store and I talked to my assistant grocery manager about bcoming a stock clerk. He told me to talk to his boss so I'm planning on talking to him today. I'm going to ask him if he has enough hours to schedule me 2 days a week. If not, I'm going to talk to my other manager about demoting myself to a bagger so I can do something we call "jobs". Jobs is like janitorial work. But it's super easy and no one bothers you. A coworker does it 2 days a week where she comes in at 2:30, bags for a few hours, and then does jobs. And she closes. If I could do that 4 days a week, I'd get my hours and I'd be extremely happy.

We then went to Walgreens where my roommate filled out an application. She is planning on either getting 3 jobs or getting 2 jobs and going to school. She likes being busy like that. I, on the other hand, would rather play then work all the time lol. I'm trying to help her out with jobs because I know she has more bills than I do. We're going to have to sit down to figure out her bills and everything. And I told her I would not move into the apartments until we both figured things out. I like stability.

After that, we were both hungry and ate at Steak N Shake. Spent $7 there. I hate spending money but I haven't done it in a while so I figured I'd treat myself. I also bought my mom a coffee cake for $5 because she's my main ride to work and sometimes I feel bad about it. I also pay for her gas sometimes. Well, that's it for now. Adios!

The little things add up... Work Freebies

April 27th, 2010 at 01:04 pm

Working at a grocery store definitely has its perks. I'm talking about free food. In my breakroom, people leave food that they don't want on top of the microwave. This food is free for anyone to take. And you best believe I take whatever I can use.

Just the other day someone left one of those Crystal Light packets. I love those things. Lately I've been drinking a lot of Kool Aid to use up a 5 lb. bag of sugar I have. Kool Aid also makes me more thirsty so I go through a pitcher faster that I'd like to. Sooo I took home the Crystal Light packet and mixed it with some water to take to work with me the next day. I had some juice leftover for dinner that night and it was yummy!

We have a little basket in our breakroom that people put extra condiment packets from the McDonald's that is close to our store. Because of this, I rarely buy ketchup or mustard or any dipping sauces. Yay for free condiments!

One time, a coworker left a bag of those cup of noodle things. It sat in the breakroom for a week before I decided to take them home. I know, they are not healthy. But I like to eat them every once in a while because they are cheap and I actually like them.

Reading over these things I realized that I sound really cheap. Oh well. It works for me. Big Grin