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More Ramblings...

April 29th, 2010 at 04:25 pm

I mentioned in my last post that I was supposed to go apartment hunting with my potenial roommate today. Well, today did not go as planned. I had texted her yesterday. No answer. Texted her and called today. No answer. I started to get really worried. I spent the morning cleaning around the house and reading a book outside. I also talked to my roommate about giving me a ride to work tomorrow. I'm going to have to pay him like $5 but I'd rather do that than give my shift away. I'm trying to get more hours at work and I don't want my manager to look down on me. In fact, I'm probably going to talk to my manager tomorrow about switching positions. If I get my way, I'd get the amount of hours I want, the days I want off, and an easier job.

Getting back to my roommate... I finally got a call from her at around 12. Turns out, I had a reason to be worried. She had been drinking on Tuesday night (which was the last time I heard from her) and when she (or anyone, really) gets drunk, her mood changes. She was on the phone with her boyfriend and she threatened to kill herself. Her boyfriend called the police and the police came to take her to a rehab center. As I mentioned in my other post, she does have issues. My mom is so set against me moving in with her. I can see why she's concerned. However, she is also in the process of possibly getting a fulltime job an hour away from where I live so I know she wouldn't be home all the time.

I have a friend/coworker who is having problems with her children's father and she needs babysitters. At first, she was going to pay but she couldn't afford it and she became desperate so I offered to watch the kids once or twice a week. I'll be watching them from 10-7 on Tuesday. I don't like the idea of babysitting on my day off but I want to help her out and it's only temporary anyway.

The person who bought something from me on ebay hasn't paid yet. I'm definitely going to have to file a nonpaying buyer claim. Grrr!! Next time, when I list my items, I'll put it so that immediate payment is required. I'm going to have to relist that one in a few days. The other Xbox has one watcher which is great because I was afraid no one would buy it.

I am in a program called Amazon Vine where I get sent items every month for free that I test out and review. I usually get books because the other items sell out fast. I'm trying to get through some of the books I have. I'd like to read more for entertainment rather than go online all day. I read through one book today. I'd like to have a mini library in my new place with really cool books.

I also cashed in $20.50 from a survey site. I got an Amazon gift card. I bought 3 books and ended up paying $1.86 out of pocket. I could have bought stuff for my new place but I wanted to treat myself. I bought a self help book, a book about making extra money, and The Year of Living Biblically. Can't wait to read those.

I'm trying to figure out my money situation. If I get the hours I'd like at my part time job, I'd get around $840 a month. I calculated my bills and food and spending money and my total would come out to $802 which would leave me with around $35-40 leftover every month. This will be a little cushion if, say, a bill is a little higher than expected or I spent more than I budgeted on groceries. My paychecks from my part time job will be deposited into my checking account. Any bonuses will be added to my savings account. I get bonuses every 4 months and they are usually around $100. In addition, because I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck, I'm also selling on ebay. I'd like to make at least $500 every month however, if all my items sell at the price I'd like them to, it could be closer to $1600 a month. Smile

I did end up going to see apartments with my potential roommate. I really liked the first ones we saw. The price is great and it is literally down the street from my job. Also, there's a pool, a park, and other amenities. I just love the atmosphere. And the actual apartments are super cute too! We went to go see another apartment but they were closed. Those apartments were close to the cemetary where our coworker recently was buried. We stopped by the store to get some flowers (I paid with change so it didn't really cost me anything) and then we spent an hour or so walking around the cemetary. My coworker was 24 when he died. He was born with a disease that effected his liver. He died sometime last year and he still does't have a tombstone. His parents can't afford one. Too sad.

I got home not too long ago. I'm about to eat dinner and then I might go out with my potential rooommate to Target to look around for house stuff. Sorry this was so long. I just had a lot to talk about lol. Big Grin

Ebay Update

April 3rd, 2010 at 06:44 am

So I think I'm pretty much done with ebay in terms of seriously making some good money with it. Over the past week I've had problems with 4 different buyers. Two of them bought high priced items and never paid. One bought something from me on half.com (ebay's media site) and wants a refund because she bought the wrong book. And another person bought something from me, paid, and then wants a refund because he never intended to bid so high. Buyer's remorse I guess.

I recently sold one xbox which the buyer never paid for. I opened a dispute so I should be getting my fees back for that. Then I sold 2 broken xboxes a couple of days ago. One of them, the buyer hasn't paid yet. Yay for that. Then I'm trying to fix two more and then I'll be trying to resell those. I also have a couple of other things around the house I'd like to sell but then I'm done with ebay for a while.

I will continue to sell things here and there but it's too much work to try to make some good money on it. I'm trying to come up with other ideas to make money. I really don't want to have to get another job.

I spent about $10 yesterday on food. My sister is having Easter lunch over her house on Sunday and I asked her if she wanted me to bring anything. She asked if I could bring an appetizer. I bought stuff to make queso dip and chips. And then I bought stuff to make a pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

I'm a bit stressed lately. I just wish everything will resolve itself quickly. My head hurts.

What I've Sold on ebay Recently

March 29th, 2010 at 04:40 pm

I wanted to figure out how much profit I've made over the past few weeks on ebay. Here's what I sold and how much profit I made on each item. Some items I actually made a dollar or two more on because I seem to make my shipping a little higher than necessary but I'm not including that in my totals. The text books I actually bought a month ago on ebay in hopes to make a few extra dollars reselling them. I bought about 6 of them and have sold 4 already.

Rock Band-17.60
Mario Party 8-20.07
Legend of Spyro-7.76
A book, cd, and 2 dvds that I made about 50 cents on each-2.00
Grand Theft Auto-6.11
Physics Textbook-3.86
Business Textbook-23.46
Management Textbook-11.34
Accounting Textbook-27.44
Rollercoaster Tycoon-3.65
Xbox 360 Hard Drive-11.86
Estee Lauder Cream Samples Lot of 2-6.93
Exorcism of Emily Rose UMD-1.18
Estee Lauder Cream Sample-1.05
Evanescence Anywhere But Home DVD-2.00

That comes out to 150.50. I know I said in my last post that I've made close to $300 but I remembered I had to refund an $130 item. Also, I sold an Xbox 360 but I highly doubt the buyer is going to actually pay for it so I'm not counting it yet. We'll see what happens with that one.

Currently I have two broken Xbox 360s listed, a broken cell phone, and a Playstation game up for auction. I have a couple of other things I'd like to sell but I need to borrow my sister's camera to take some pictures. Honestly, I just want to make a few extra bucks, get rid of some of the junk I'm not using, and get some more positive feedback. I've ordered a couple of items that I'll be testing to see if I can make a good profit on within the next couple of weeks. I'll keep this updated when I find out how well these items sell. Crossing my fingers!