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My To Do List

April 20th, 2010 at 08:07 am

1. Get my license. Long story, don't ask. I have a car. I just don't have my license.
Step 1: Practice as much as possible.
Step 2. Possibly obtain a book that explains laws and stuff like that.
Step 3: Call the DMV and setup an appointment.
Step 4: Get my license.
Step 5: Get tags and insurance on my car.

2. Sell no longer needed items for extra cash. I have a list on the left side of my blog of things I need to sell.
Step 1: Sell 20 or so items on ebay.
Step 2: Sell Rock Band instruments on Craigslist.
Step 3: Organize and get rid of stuff I don't need.

3. Figure out roommate situation. I need to have a roommate because I can't afford living by myself. I have one person in mind but she might be moving to Alabama instead. We will find out within a week or so if the school she applied to accepted her. If she isn't accepted, I have a roommate. If she is accepted, I have to find someone else.

4. Figure out money situation. I have a parttime job but would like to sell regularly on ebay. I have an idea for a product to sell. After I sell my own junk, I'm going to have to do a test to see how well this item sells. If all goes well, I need to set up a seperate checking account for my ebay funds.

5. Figure out job situation. I'm going to ask my boss to demote myself to a different position. If things go my way, I'd still get the amount of hours I wanted but I'd be doing an easier job and I'd have 3 days off a week instead of the 2 I have right now.

6. Cancel cell phone in June and switch to Boost.

7. Start looking for houses.

2 Responses to “My To Do List”

  1. LittleMsMom Says:

    If you have a car but no license, in order to practice driving with your car you need to get insurance on it ASAP.

    I had my own car when I had a permit age 18, I had insurance on it. I had to have a liscensed driver on the insurance, basically my grandfather was on the full coverage insurance which I paid for but since it was full coverage I was able to have any legal driver in the car as the teacher and it would have been covered in an accident.

    My grandfather was on the policy until I got my liscence then I took him off. I would call an insurance agent right away to figure out what you need to do to get it insured as soon as possible.

    The state laws book you can normally get from the DMV or online at the state DMV website in some state.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I agree with the above. You will need insurance in order to practice, so a family member might be able to assist with that. Practice will lead to the test being a cakewalk, so good luck with getting all of that done!

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